Hair back to normal


When writing my story, I don’t give the option to customize the characters, but sometimes I would like to give the option to change the hair or makeup to go somewhere or I personally change it. But when that finishes, I would like the character to have her natural hair and makeup back.

How can I do so? I know how to change to another but not how to come back to normal.


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@CHARACTER changes Hair into Straight (for example)

You change it eactly like you changed it the first time just that you change to another hairstyle.

Okay, thanks!

And do you know how to do it when you give the customization option to the reader?

Yeah, you write it the same way…

@CHARACTER changes Hair into Straight (for example)

But the H in hair have to be a capital.

Thank you!!:black_heart::black_heart:

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No problem! :relaxed:

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