HAIR : Black cultural hair styles



I know that last year you guys have us a few natural hair styles and headwarps and “urban clothes”. But it would also be cool if there were more cultural clothes and hair styles.

For this post I am only going to speak on the hair.
There is a a doable range of black hair styles but more won’t hurt and would be appreciated and used A LOT!

Some that you should add are…cornrows for the females (limelight)
Afro puffs/space buns (ink and limelight) (male and female)
Long afro textured hair (ink and lightlight) (male and female)
Flattering dreads/middle part longer dreads (female)
Styled dreads (bun , shaved , pony tails, braided) (male and female)
Short curly hair (female and male)
Finger waves.
box braids hanging down parted in the middle,
Thinner dreads(limelight)
cornrows(limelight )
very long dreads (limelight &ink) (f&m)
afro mohawk for ink(f&m) (similar to limelights)
curly hair updo (limelight &ink)
Curly hair pony tail. (LL & ink) (f&m)
Afro pony tail /puff`(LL & INK) (f&m)

I shared some pictures for inspiration.
Hopefully you guys genuinely take this into consideration♡









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Support! Love your recommendations!




Would definetly use number 3 in a cc story( and 1)


This is a good idea, I’d like to see more new hairstyles for Episode! :smiley:


I think this is very needed


This is a brilliant idea


I support but the only problem is that I know this won’t actually result in being “Black Cultural” styles but will result in “Everyone” styles (like I see everyone putting Cornrows and Dreads on all females and males…figuRes) But I won’t do this, so I support nonetheless, haha.


That is true :frowning: especially for CC story.


Support! I’d love to see my character Sol in afro puffs :heart_eyes:




I thought about that also. But I think it’s worth it.


Dreads don’t belong to black culture , they are actually from Indian culture. Also for Afros mostly black peoples have them but I’ve seen natural white people with Afros. One blonde kid in my science class has a curly Afro.


I would honestly love this because I have an African character in most of my stories and I would love for her to have bantu knots


The only time you could’ve seen a white person with an afro is either them with a wig, some kind of perm, or they have frizzy CURLY hair. You have never seen a white person with type 4 hair.

People say dreads came from all places… but really ,from what I know. Black people are the main people who embraced them.
Black people have a long history with locks and the fact that you are trying to unvalid it is tragic. They are apart of black culture.
Nothing will change that.


Oh my gosh, support! I especially like the idea of a new limelight Afro - the current one just doesn’t do it for me.


Same. I’m still not sure what they were thinking🙄


Don’t come on my posts , spread negativity and expect me to be okay with it. I see you posting all around the forums, being racist and ignorant. So the fact that you have the audacity to call someone “ignorant” blows my mind lmao.
Like I said. Locks are apart of black culture, we’ve embrraced them,we also got suspended from schools,fired from our jobs and discriminated against for them. We stood by them. They belong to our culture. They are apart of a lot of us. Now mind your business. :grin::fu:t5::v:t5:


This thread is no place to have arguments, especially since you’re victim blaming the black population for being discriminated against on a feature request for black cultural hairstyles. I’ve sent you a private message regarding the falsehoods you mentioned and are adhering to in your comments. I would appreciate if you read my message and thought about my words because you seem to be pretty ignorant, and I feel obligated to educate you on these issues.


Feel free to flag any post or thread that you feel violates the forum rules/guidelines. Thanks.