HAIR : Black cultural hair styles

The only time you could’ve seen a white person with an afro is either them with a wig, some kind of perm, or they have frizzy CURLY hair. You have never seen a white person with type 4 hair.

People say dreads came from all places… but really ,from what I know. Black people are the main people who embraced them.
Black people have a long history with locks and the fact that you are trying to unvalid it is tragic. They are apart of black culture.
Nothing will change that.


Oh my gosh, support! I especially like the idea of a new limelight Afro - the current one just doesn’t do it for me.


Same. I’m still not sure what they were thinking🙄


Don’t come on my posts , spread negativity and expect me to be okay with it. I see you posting all around the forums, being racist and ignorant. So the fact that you have the audacity to call someone “ignorant” blows my mind lmao.
Like I said. Locks are apart of black culture, we’ve embrraced them,we also got suspended from schools,fired from our jobs and discriminated against for them. We stood by them. They belong to our culture. They are apart of a lot of us. Now mind your business. :grin::fu:t5::v:t5:


This thread is no place to have arguments, especially since you’re victim blaming the black population for being discriminated against on a feature request for black cultural hairstyles. I’ve sent you a private message regarding the falsehoods you mentioned and are adhering to in your comments. I would appreciate if you read my message and thought about my words because you seem to be pretty ignorant, and I feel obligated to educate you on these issues.


Feel free to flag any post or thread that you feel violates the forum rules/guidelines. Thanks.

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Support! This sounds like a great idea.


No need for name calling. Please keep this discussion civil because at the end of the day, we are all here for the same reason and should try our hardest to get along (and name calling does break the forum general rules) Thanks! :peace_symbol:

This has gotten very off topic. If you would like to continue this specific discussion please do so in pm. Thanks.


I am Indian, and I can tell you women in India maybe some people back like a thousand years ago had dreads, but black people it is their culture. They embrace it but then there are b*tches that slap their name on it and act like their culture made it, smh.


Ignorant person? Girl it belongs to their culture, stop white washing everything, and when I say white not an actual white person, like you are just re-writing cultural history


No offence bored babe I agree with what you said about the Black cultural Hair style, but not the fact Sarah is racist that is a wild accusation and you need hard solid proof.


It doesn’t belong to Indian culture, as you’ll literally see no Indians wearing dreads now (none of us have that style, take it from an actual Indian) unless you are an actual Indian who belongs to the certain cultural group don’t talk bs about what you don’t know


I am behind this all the way!!! There is such a huge catalogue of styles that can be added; Crochet braids included and I think more realistic cornrows and perhaps some with beads too. I don’t particularly like the ones in game as they make the character look like she’s going bald. I think perhaps a bald top look for an older man would be nice too and a few different levels of high tops also.


Say hi for me lol


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I’d personally like to see more hairstyles and clothing added that is more cultural, but as I’ve seen, not a lot of people, whether they are white, black or somewhere in between, wear their traditional or country’s clothing. I was actually in Malaysia for a good portion of my younger years, 8-15 if anyone’s interested, and even though we were in the rural villages, nobody wore traditional clothing, more so all modern clothing. That’s not to say that no one whatsoever wore it, more so for special occasions that deal with their traditional roots, but in everyday, hairstyle, clothing or anything, they weren’t wearing it. So, I think that, yes it would be nice to have black hairstyles, but not to go over the top? I mean, not a lot of people, like I said, wear or have the traditional clothing/hair nowadays, it’s all practically modern.

Not wanting to start an argument just giving my opinion : )


You are right, in many cultures not all traditional clothing is worn on a daily basis at all, but, in regards to the black culture a lot more people are embracing their natural hair and are using African Print fabrics to create more modernized, every day wear! Of course, there are still some styles that remain ceremonial.
The styles @BoredBabe shared are styles that are most definitely worn on a daily basis and some of course are requested for special occasions too it’s entirely up to the person wearing the style’s discretion.
It is also a nice thought that if approved, the hair will be extremely diverse so that everyone can use them.

I think your opinion was very insightful and cool.


Yeah, and like I said, I don’t want to start an argument. I want everyone to be sure of that (I’ve had trouble in the past). I just think we should’d be too worried/invested in making these things. I’m not saying that I don’t agree, I totally want some more hairstyles, but like I said, not to go over the top?

(btw sorry for the long reply wait, I was away from the computer : P)

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No argument at all R. I honestly don’t think here should be a place for that especially as Episode is supposed to be a place/app of enjoyment :smile:. writers are requesting these things to help enhance the user experience in a way that makes their stories as close to reality as possible; everyone should be included.

No Worries about your reply, I was asking Dara for some directing advice.

Take Care


Thank you for sharing your thoughts! :heart:

I agree with all of these styles! One of my best friends actually have the buns so I was sad when they didn’t have that option. (Also Sarah, African Americans ARE still the most discriminated and oppressed race out there, especially in the U.S, you probably don’t see it cause you turned a blind eye towards it(Also also, your replys to this thread sounds very anti-black so yeah)