HAIR : Black cultural hair styles



YASSS!! i support this all the way!


It’s @epi.boredbb :heartbeat:


I doubt that that’s why… Episode took forever to just introduce black people hairstyle into their catalog. But tbh the ones they did introduce looked really bad. I mean it’s not that big a deal if people put the hair on Caucasian characters imo because you cant stop people from doing what they want with character customization. Plus a couple people misusing it doesn’t change for people like us who will use them.


What do you mean hundreds of stories? I’m honestly confused by what you even mean by mis using them\


Oh, no. I think you got me wrong. I still want Episode to implement this.


I think what’s annoying is cultural appreciation and when other cultures are being white washed, again I’m not a POC nor am I white. I don’t even know what the hell I am, I’d say bang in the middle.


I believe the term is cultural appropriation, but I understand what you are saying.


As a black girl, SUPPORT!


Thank you so frickin’ much :heart:


You’re very welcome :smiley::blush:


don’t they have ink space bun kinda?


I support 100%:blush:


There’s a difference between really curly hair and a Afro, you should look it up before you spit facts. Also, dreads may originate from India, but it became apart of black culture because of our type four hair. Get all the facts before stating your piece.


They have a double bun hair style but it’s seen more as a person who doesn’t have type four hair would wear.


Legit could use this in my story, it’s hard enough with the options which are limited, and some aren’t the best either.








I don’t know about any of you, but I personally want to see a cornrow man bun. (y’know, with the shaved sides.)


I wanna see that too