HAIR: Bun With Bangs


I was thinking that maybe for Episode Limelight there could be a bun with bangs?

I think something like that would be very pretty. :grinning:


Not to be a downer, I support this very much, but I think you’re supposed to put the title as: “HAIR: Bun With Bangs”?


I support your idea, but you better change the title as @ShortSpaces said otherwise you’ll be notified sooner or later.


It could be really cute, I’d surely use it a lot. (Better change that title.)






Het zou heel leuk zijn, ondersteuning




SUPPORT! I just recently finished playing a story named “Love Life” it is under Episode, but it has a whole heap of new hairstyles! (there was also a character with that had a bun with bangs) hopefully, Episode will update us with all these hairstyles.

S/N: The guy characters also had facial and chest hair lol.