Hair Change in Specific Scene

I’ve seen a few threads about hair changes, however, I cannot seem to get this to work! I want my character to change her hair into the “Small Bun” when its night time. I’ve coded in the correct scene @CHARACTER changes hair into Small Bun, but it changes it for the entire episode. Even the scenes before the code! I’ve also tried the preview code and this does the same thing. How can I fix this?

Check it in the app sometimes the preview in portal doesn’t show it right

I only preview in the app… I’m not a fan of the preview on the web. It shows it the same in both though :confused:

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Oh…I don’t know then sorry.

It’s easier if you make another character with the same features but different hair style. So this way, you can switch characters back and forth every time your character is changing hair styles.

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I was hoping there’d be some kind of coding, but looks like this will do! Thank you!!!

I’ve had the same when changing hair colour and hair style, but it’s how it’ll show on the portal previewer and app, but when it’s published it’ll show correctly for the readers. You just change hair back to the original hair style for the next scene or what ever hair style you want her to have next. So you don’t need to make another character with a different hair style, to change her hair.

Are you testing it on the episode app? Because it will do it even though you reset it but it will not be like that for the reader. If you changing hair styles it will remain permanent until you change it back