Hair, Clothes, and Animation Suggestions for Limelight

These are just some suggestions that I’ve come up with over my months of using Episode Interactive. Things that are in bold I believe are more important than others, but I do believe that all items on this list should be added at some point. Thanks for your time!


Different body types! Not every guy has a perfectly sculpted six-pack and not every girl has curves like the original Barbie dolls. I don’t want all my characters to have the exact same body shape because no person on this planet has the exact same body shape. We need more representation for those of us with more skin.

Kids and pre-teens! As of right now, all we have are babies and full-grown adults. It looks strange to just change the size of the characters, as they are usually disproportionate and don’t actually resemble kids.


Babies that aren’t entirely covered with a blanket


More sitting animations (both talking and idling)
More baby animations
A proposal animation
A front tinkering animation
More laughing animations
More hugging and kissing animations
More dancing animations
More fighting animations
More sad/angry/neutral animations
A chest compressions animation
Instrument animations (trumpet, piano, flute, violin, etc.)
Pets that are animated (like the dogs, cats, and bunnies in the totes)
Gymnastics moves (frontflip, backflip, handstand, cartwheel, etc.)
Sword-fighting animations
Hitting the baseball bat prop


More maternity clothes
Freckles, moles, scars, and tattoos that can be used at the same time
Gender-neutral clothes
Clothes that make it look like girl characters are wearing a chest binder
More scars
More tattoos
More ballgowns
Competitive swimming swimsuits
Gymnastics leotards
Boxing gloves
Pirate clothes
Clothes from different time periods (specifically the 1500s and 1800s)


More ombre hairstyles
More short hairstyles
More updo hairstyles
More hairstyles with bangs


i think there are already threads that suggest some of these things. you can search the forums and support the threads! x


Literally everything you list already has their own dedicated thread.


As much as I would love different body types, I don’t think they will ever happen. And not because Episode don’t want to but because it would be too much work. With a different body type comes so much more clothes and maybe even different animations, face features, etc. It’s kind of sad but oh well


proposal animation already exist…
and we have enough babies animations

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