Hair color on web viewer is different on app?

I have the characters set up with blond hair and it shows it correctly on the web viewer but when I go to the app the characters have brown hair?

Any suggestions why?

Can you show me screenshots of the problem and code?

That’s the problem. There’s no code. Just hair color shows up one way on web viewer and different on app. There is nothing in my script that indicates a hair color change. The character was created using blond.

I don’t know how add the pictures using two different platforms.

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Have you used a filter in your story and forgot to reset it? Could make the hair colour look different

Maybe try returning it to the color you want through the code… you can find a line like this in templates

No filter. I have only done the story through the web portal. I only view it through the app for glitches etc.

It’s weird.

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I maybe have to do hair color but at this point I’ve added customization so it truly isn’t a big deal as it is literally only a different color for two zones.

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I’ve noticed that my color quality is better on Chrome than other browsers. Maybe it depends on which browser you’re using? Not sure if this is still an issue for you since this was from August, but hope this suggestion helps :slight_smile: