HAIR: Curly, Tied-Up


I am mainly talking about the INK style. Technically there are a few curly hair hairstyles we can choose from such as Long Curly Hair, Natural Curls, Short Curly Hair. etc. However where are the tied-up curly hair styles?
As an African myself, I would really appreciate it if we could have at least one or two tied-up hairstyles but in the curly hair range.
There are many hairstyles like these (don’t get me wrong) such as High Ponytail, Morning Updo, Fishtail Braid. etc but they’re all straight/wavy hair!
Please, I would really really really love it if we had Curly Tied-Up Hairstyles!!


Feature: More Natural Hairstyles
HAIR: More tied up hairstyles! (INK + LL)

Honestly that would be great, because on ink that “afro” you have is not cutting it. Van we get like a puff or something like that? That would be great.




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BUMP! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: