HAIR: Different styles for LOCS and BOX BRAIDS

It would be cool if we had more styles for locs such as ponytails and the ones portrayed in the images below, and different box braid styles because quite frankly the ones that are being portrayed by episode are absolutely ATROCIOUS and need to be redone while taking the old ones off the portal and also accessories for the locs, that can also be used for the box braids hairstyles (and ONLY those 2 hairstyles since that’s what they’re majorly used for)


Different styles for locs & box braids



they’re all so beautiful right :heart_eyes:

Locs & box braids with accessories

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I could add many more pictures of the hairstyles I’m talking about but I’m sure y’all get the gist by now.

P.S episode its spelled LOCS not “locks” NOR are they called “dreadlocks” or “dreads” our hair is NOT DREADFUL. The only reason the term “dread” came into play is because “the British, who were fighting Kenyan warriors (during colonialism in the late 19th century), came across the warriors’ locs and found them 'dreadful”
Source: Why I Don’t Refer to My Hair As “Dreadlocks”

So I’m going to ask you to please change the name of the hairstyles that are called these things on the portal & name them correctly for future loc styles.

also to the people who see this please bump and support this so that the people working at episode can see this and fix their mistakes.



Support x

Support! :blue_heart:

Oh wow! Even I didn’t know this! For the longest time I called them dreadlocks until I came to the community and many people stressed it was actually locs, not dreadlocks. But I never really knew the reason why is was locs instead of dreadlocks.


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