HAIR: Diversity In Limelight (Asian,Native, African,Hispanic,etc)

Hello, readers!

I’m back at it again with another suggestion for Limelight. It’s still in development so how about we fill in those gaps.

I see many people asking about Black Cultural Hairstyles, but I never found any about a multifold of other hairstyles. I’m black… I love my culture, but other cultures blow my mind too… sniffle sniffle while flicking my nose Especially, them sexy hispanics and asian people. I would LOVE to see EVERYONE lifted up in Episode as best as possible. Also, shout out to YT_Zparkles for requesting Mexican clothing!

Check these out and please consider them. Everyone would love to be recognized in their own beautiful way.

image image image image image image image image image image image image


Thank you for the shoutout!:blush:

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Of course! :grin:

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Full support! Love your idea !! :heart::heart:

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Support!! I am hispanic (AKA Mexican) and I need Mexican clothes!!

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I love it when more cultural things are added, so, support! It’s always so awesome to see these things, not to mention it would encourage authors to add these sorts of things to their stories!


For some reason, I couldn’t put the link to Traditional Mexican Clothes in this topic. So I will leave the link here for YT_Zparkles: CLOTHING: Mexican Traditional Clothing

So, if anyone likes the idea, just click the link above. ^




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I support, but…
The Asian hairs are not really correct. I don’t if it is for the other ones. Since I’m Chinese, so I know. Those hairs are for weddings(the third hairstyle for girls) Boys royalty hairstyles don’t have much hair, they are mostly almost bald, they have kinda like receding hairline. But it’s not!

This is how the hairs should look like for royals, but for people who are not royals, our hairstyles are the same as you guys.



I know, but I used those images because I liked them, despite it not being accurate. One Chinese photographer took one of the images. A cosplayer and a Japanese artist drew one of the pictures. So, that’s why I used it as Asian Hairstyles. It’s not six pictures of all the Asian regions, but it was some that I found and kept for a while.

Thank you for posting those pictures. It would be helpful for the Episode team to see the more accurate hairstyles. :blush:

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Ok, I’m not being rude. But you shouldn’t use the hairstyles because you like them, but because it’s accurate.
If you want the hairstyles to have diversity, you should do more research on the cultures of others. Anyways, us Asians, Japanese, Chinese etc. are totally different, so you should say which hairstyle is from which country. As I said, I’m not being rude, but that’s just how I feel.


And you said, “I know, but I used those images because I liked them, despite it not being accurate.”
If I haven’t stumble upon this post, and if people don’t know the hairstyles are wrong, people will not know it’s wrong and assume the hairstyles are right. Because they think you did research, making sure everything is correct. If the episode team sees this and the hairstyles are wrong, and is making the hairs, you know what will happen. I’m just saying, you should do bunch of research first, then make this thread.


But won’t the episode team research too? She was just putting up her favourite hairstyles. I don’t think she had any bad intentions :slight_smile:

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I know that all Asian regions are different. I may have not been born in Asia, but I research as much as possible before doing a lot of things. I selected these based on the fact that those images are created by Asian people, themselves. I liked the photos and kept them for a while. Some images may not be from China, but China and Japan aren’t the only two regions either. I never specified what part of Asia the hairstyles came from, except India. I mean, India is an Asian country and only a few people know that. Vietnamese, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and more are overlooked as well. I know that two of the images I posted are real Korean hairstyles as a trend, not tradition. But, if I specified every single Asian country on the post, it will take up a lot of space rather than putting enough photos to give an idea of what I meant. There are 48 countries in Asia. That’s an entire post by itself. Same as Africa and the Hispanic regions. 20 Hispanic countries and 54 countries in Africa. That’s too much even for Wikipedia. I can’t post aaaallll that in one post.

However, the solution would be the commenters’ ideas. If anyone wants to add hairstyles based on their nationality, you’ve given an example how they can do that; they can comment it below the post along with their homeland. The post does say, “etc.” I doubt that Episode would create something without researching it themselves. They are more obligated to do so because it’s not my website, it’s theirs. Sorry if I offended you. That was never my intention when I made this post in March. :worried:

I have always loved and researched a load of cultures and regions. The last thing I want to do is cause issues.


Bump : )

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