HAIR: Diversity In Limelight (Asian,Native, African,Hispanic,etc)


Hello, readers!

I’m back at it again with another suggestion for Limelight. It’s still in development so how about we fill in those gaps.

I see many people asking about Black Cultural Hairstyles, but I never found any about a multifold of other hairstyles. I’m black… I love my culture, but other cultures blow my mind too… sniffle sniffle while flicking my nose Especially, them sexy hispanics and asian people. I would LOVE to see EVERYONE lifted up in Episode as best as possible. Also, shout out to YT_Zparkles for requesting Mexican clothing!

Check these out and please consider them. Everyone would love to be recognized in their own beautiful way.


Thank you for the shoutout!:blush:


Of course! :grin:






Full support! Love your idea !! :heart:️:heart:️


Support!! I am hispanic (AKA Mexican) and I need Mexican clothes!!


I love it when more cultural things are added, so, support! It’s always so awesome to see these things, not to mention it would encourage authors to add these sorts of things to their stories!


For some reason, I couldn’t put the link to Traditional Mexican Clothes in this topic. So I will leave the link here for YT_Zparkles: CLOTHING: Mexican Traditional Clothing

So, if anyone likes the idea, just click the link above. ^