HAIR: Diversity In Limelight (Asian,Native, African,Hispanic,etc)



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THANK YOU SO MUCH!! there are like zero latino options, its ridiculous!


What’s Hispanic hair?


Honestly, that is a fantastic question. From Afro hispanics to not, I suppose it would be the traditional hairstyles for traditional events. Aztec and Mayan inpsired hairstyles for older time period stories and even particular shaped braids. There have been many hispanic stylists who have changed the game of the beautician industry, so there are certain types of fades and up-down hairstyles, like the Pachuca/chola style, that are amazing and designed solely by hispanics. It’s a broad range of styles so thats difficult to answer. Hopefully, Episode can gather a few great styles created by the amazing people and bring them here. Thanks for asking.


Oh I see! I was confused because I thought it may have been a different texture :smile:

Thanks for the explanation! In all fairness, The Mayan and Aztec hairstyles I have seen are absolutely gorgeous and Episode needs to add them!


:blush: Ikr! Their should be more Hispanic features since we had hijabs and sari attire. in ink, we have other asian attire. It may help to include a wider range than what we usually receive.


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Voicing my support so this doesn’t get closed. I’ve seen them include similar styles now, but more variety is always better!


Omg yanxi palace!!!


@TiffyAlice, I would like to clear this misunderstanding.

@decembermaria20, you are actually not wrong. These hairstyles do exist back in the olden days. The images that @TiffyAlice posted (btw, I’m a fan of Yanxi Place) exist during the Qing dynasty. The hairstyles you both posted took place in different eras.

There were a lot of dynasties back in the olden days. Therefore, the hairstyles will change. Neither of you were wrong.


I support there not really my favorite hair styles but I get why people would want them!




Moar stufs always gud


Support for native American, African American and African carribean hair (even tho we have some already), Asian hair and even Indian superlong hair… But I don’t understand how Hispanic hair is different than of any white person?


There’s no such thing as African American hair, the correct term is “Afro textured and protective hairstyles.” And some Hispanics and Latin people do have that hair type or usually have more wavy or curly types. Like the Voluminous Curls in LL? That’s their kinda of hair type but it differs in their community. They’re hair ranges from curly to course. The Latin/Hispanic community is diverse and people can come in many forms.


Actually, this post is not really about hair texture since many people around the world may have similar hair textures (silky, coarse, greasy, voluminous, prickly, etc). This post is about hairstyles that are traditional, a popular trend and originated from that territory. If a white American teen is wearing a Swedish hairstyle, the hairstyle is not American. So if someone suggested an Afro-Caribbean hairstyles, they are suggesting a popular or traditional and homegrown Carribean style of the hair with a possibly super curly shape of the strands. So, not hair texture, but hairstyles. A hispanic version of a half up and half down hairstyle may be different from a caucasian or afro style. Like this. So that’s what I’m saying. Not the feel of the hair, but shape and it’s original form If this makes sense.