Hair Doesn't Exist

Hey guys,

I am having an issue with this hairstyle

@CHARACTER changes hair into Long Wavy Parted Hair

This is the error i get

“No hair called Long Wavy Parted Hair”

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Can I see your script

“Long Wavy” {

@CHARACTER changes hair into Long Wavy Parted Hair

}“Straight” {

@CHARACTER changes hair into Long Straight Loose Solid

}“Keep current style” {

@CHARACTER changes hair into Wavy Long



@JemU776, Does it have an error on the app.

Yep there is an error

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Read this:

I’ve already read that I went to Dara’s template to ensure I was spelling the hair name correctly and I was I don’t know how else to make it work.

Can you send a screenshot of the part where you’re getting that error?

The bold line is where the error is

Yes, I see that (you’ve posted it above as well), but it doesn’t give much information.

Are you spelling your character’s name right?

Yeah the names correct it doesn’t matter name I change the hair style to it errors with every hairstyle

Maybe you can delete what you have if you’re getting errors and re-paste the whole template from @ Dara.Amarie again?

I didn’t get the template from Dara I only went to check if the name of the hair style was correct. It may be something else in my script that’s doing it possibly.

It’s hard to tell what’s doing it and you can delete the template you have and use one from @ Dara.Amarie :slightly_smiling_face:

Her templates are too long for what I want. I only have three options

Yep it was me I figure it out
I was spelling the name correctly but I didn’t use the name as the script name

I only just noticed when i was going through and saw the dialogue name was RED and not BLUE lol

@Sydney_H @Jeremy this thread can be closed.

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Closed and Solved