HAIR: Elf/Elven Hairs and Ears


Hello everybody! I dont know if this is in the right section or if my format is correct but I wanted to share my suggestions to everyone.
As I am creating a story based on elvens/elves, I wanted to have more hairstyles that resembles them.

Here is sort of a portfolio of different hairs I want.

Also post down some elven hairstyles that you’d like to see! I would also like to see some elf ears including these hairstyles :revolving_hearts:

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@Raybadem thanks for the tag. I 100% support this idea! I think it would be so cool! :heart:


I really like this one.


Omg that is so pretty!! :heart:




Daenery’s Targaryen’s hair, it’s literally amazing and will give more braid selections for Episode. (every season)




Anything elven/elvish is precious to me


I would love to see elf ears…they’re so beautiful :heart_eyes:

Image credit: Shadowrun Elf Portrait by ARTTAiR on DeviantArt

Come on Episode, please add in elf ears, PLEASE:smiling_imp::face_with_monocle::pray::cupid::balloon:


Thanks for the tag. I fully support this :slight_smile: :heart:


Ik their so pleasing to see :heart_eyes:


Bump :revolving_hearts:




Bump! :frowning:


episode needs to add some elf stufff


Yes, I agree!
We need this :purple_heart:


we have fairies already why not elven stuff


Bump :heart_eyes:

I love elves

I wish they were real, sigh



bump! They have earrings for pointed ears, but not the actual feature