HAIR: Facial Hair - Limelight



Oh My Gosh. How have I not thought about this before? Limelight doesn’t have any beards for bros.
It would make sense to add facial hair because not every male has a face smooth as a baboon’s behind. Adding breads or mustaches would allow authors to create more mature looking males. #BeardsforBros


Thanks for listening! (Like to support)
Meow :cat:

LIMELIGHT Face Features
Hey! I tought we should make a list of features we would like to see in episode!
Beard for male characters (Limelight)
Beards would be cool!

YES! definitelly support

Hair: beard! we need more variety of beards

Mega-support. I love me a bearded man.



It would be good if they aren’t just stubble like INK but full beards too!


Yessss! Thats all i have to say


These are ink, but nevertheless :wink:


And some Limelight :smiley:



Those are really good edits :hushed:


I think this would be a really good thing to have and use! Supporting!


We could just save ordinary characters and that would be like age 20. Then Episode portal should give us option to make them different age: 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70.
And then we should have another option!
Select body type:

  • Slim
  • Normal
  • Fat


With body types there’s a problem with outfits. They should made every outfit for every different body style.

Same for young characters.

But for older characters there’s no problem with outfits at all.


This suggestion would actually take a lot of time to do, so we wouldn’t get as soon.
But I really like that idea!


Omg support!


I was thinking the same thing!



We never really get to use facial hair, except with, like, one face shape (not even in Limelight) and we didn’t even pick the color.

I would love this! :blush:


I totally agree with this because all the Limelight male character look really weird and more like weird men without it but please add facial hair for male Limelight characters.


Absolutely! Beards are everywhere, plus it’s one of the solutions for the problem of LL characters that look too young.


Support! This would certainly help the ‘baby-face’ syndrome most LL boys have.


I would love that so much!