HAIR: Facial Hair - Limelight



SUPPORT! I love this idea!


I think it would be really good as I don’t play limelight because the males look like they’re 12


YES! #beardsforbros is a must for Limelight.

It’s quite difficult to make the characters unique when they all have such smooth skin.

The only way you can make the characters look older is with the mature style face but that just adds mouth wrinkles. This is a must and I can’t believe they haven’t added it before!


Maybe other names… But cool idea!



Just so it doesn’t get shutdown due to lack of Inactivity :slight_smile:


This is a great idea especially since the only beards are the ones that change the face shape for the ink characters.




I think different types of beards would be cool, from like long wizard beards to short beards would give a character a hint of uniqueness. Anyone else???


I agree with the beards, I would love if they had them!


Yes yes yes😭



I was designing my cover for my story and I was messing around with beards and this happened :joy: It looks so silly I have to get rid of it! Obviously, Episode would make them A LOT better haha, just thought I’d share before I delete it! :sweat_smile:


A military story? I NEED TO KNOW THE NAME.


It’s still in development! :innocent: x


Yes, yes, 100% yes!! I’ve wanted this for quite a while, as it really differentiates male characters, and would help bring more diversity to male characters.


hey! i don’t wanna see this thread be deleted. here, copy paste this into the title: “HAIR: Beard Variations”.


I love it! It gives him character!


Has anyone seen the limelight image of the guy with stubble?

Hopefully they put that in to motion soon :slight_smile:


Is the new content from the new story: “Love Life” out so that we can use it?


That’s exactly what i was thinking! lol


This is a must BUMP!!!