HAIR: Frizzy Curly Hair- Limelight



Salutations! It would be nice if Limelight had more variations in hair texture. In the limelight hair selection there are some jumps between textures.
A hair like this would be a good addition:

Thank you for listening!

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Better Curly Hair for LL

As a curly girly, I’d love some more diversity in the type of curls Episode has. So far, there’s pretty much one curly hairstyle in LL and it doesn’t really capture all types of curls.


I support this!


Support! Curls are beautiful!!! :smile:




Yes! And, Limelight needs more African American hairstyles, frizzy would be beautiful. :heart:


yes, so people of color can have more natural hair.


Support! I love that hair!


There needs to be more Hairstyles in general for both Male & Female… SUPPORT!!!

I mean, it’s great that we have a variety of colors of hair to choose from, but I don’t my readers to get bored with having the same few Hairstyles for all of the characters…


Yes, and the current hairstyles are very similar.


I fully support!
I love having my charaters have long hair and I would also like a Wave to one side look.
Ima try to find a pic :slight_smile:

I found that off the web :slight_smile:


Or a nice bun!

I also found that off web :slight_smile:


I agree. There are barely hairstyles on Episode for black females.


Agreed! We need their beautiful hair! :sob:


Yes!! More variety between hairstyles for both male and female would be such a huge improvement. People always use the same type of curly/straight hairstyles because, let’s be honest, there’s so few to choose from (those that are actually pretty that is imo).


I totally agree, the male hairstyles are definitely lacking.



i found some more hairstyles that are nice


THIS ONE! IS SO CUTE! I love Braids like that


Support! I’d love that type of curly hair for my characters! :smiley:


It’d be great if we could get some messy ponytails and braids, all the hairstyles are so neat and polished. We need a lil reality up in here