HAIR: Frizzy Curly Hair- Limelight



Haha, I agree and support!


Yes, I agree with all of the suggestions in this thread! I have a similar hair texture to the picture in the original post, so my character would match me a lot more. Also, I agree @avebug, those types of hairstyles would be amazing!


YES!!! Support! And what about like, curly ponytails or updos, like a messy curly bun? I have curly hair and I can basically only use like one hairstyle for it, although it does look a lot like my hair, Iā€™d love curly updos and frizzy and poofy styles!


Yaaaas, I love my messy curly buns! I have one in right now :smile:


Messy curly buns are the best lol :joy:


Agreed! Also, it could use some more traditional Asian styles. I know they added the Winged Bun Hair, but it would be nice for Limelight to have some, too, and for Ink to have a little more.


I support you


Yessss I support this! I feel like that curly frizzy hair could work with hispanic girl characters (since I go to a mainly hispanic school and im also hispanic many girls have very long curly hair like this) plus im trying to make a story with mainly hispanic characters and the hairstyles are just making it difficult








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three day bump ?


bump + support






100% support. Need more natural wild thick curly hair. Just described my hair:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:






yes, agreed , I support all the way