HAIR: More Black Natural Hairstyles for Ink! (See Picture Examples)


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Here are some examples I’d like to see:

Long Afro with Side Bangs:

Short Afro with Side Bangs:

Fro with Forehead Bangs:

Habesha Half Cornrow/ Half out:

Bantu Knots:

Bantu Knots and Out in Back:

Fro Hawks:

Inclusion of Baby Hairs:

The Classic Top Puff Mushroom:

Fro Hawk Pinned:


Jumbo Havana Twists:

Ghana Braids:

Short Box Braids:

Also generally can we have a better shaped long curly hair one for INK than the one we have?
one shapes more like


notice how it’s all one even length and shorter parts are for bangs and not just like…out there?

Also can we have better looking cornrow hairstyles? Like the cornrows for cornrow bun look really good. Can we have something like that but with hair down in the back

POC Problems in the episode community

My post is specifically about black natural hair LL and ink literally have about 4 of the hairstyles you included above




There literally isn’t. You may not understand the nuances of black hair. But like it literally cost nothing for you to make your own thread.




Yas full support!
:woman:t5: :girl:t5: :woman_with_headscarf:t5:
There’s litterally like 3 :frowning:


Number 10 was in a episode ad, I hope they release that!


Also the double cornrows for men and women! :slight_smile:

More Cornrow Styles:

More Boxbraid Hairstyles:


Also notice how in many of these the people have the little hair accessory rings. I know that may be hard for y’all to do but if you include it as part of the hairstyle that would be really cool!! :grin:




Full on support!
Love the laid baby hairs and the Bantu knots!



I think it’d be great to have a lot more of a variety when I have to choose a hairstyle for a black character.
Did you include dreads in one of your pictures @clarkies? (i’m too lazy to look through them all, lol.)


Yes!!! We also NEED this style:


And an updated version of the box braid updo lol. Idk what it is but it looks weird.


No I didn’t there are a couple dread hairstyles but we could definitly use more!


Curly Dreads:

Dreads in Updo:


Loose Braids on men :heart_eyes:


Support! All of these styles are so cool! :heart_eyes:


Afro Puffs are so cute!


Like all of these _ so cute