HAIR: More Black Natural Hairstyles for Ink! (See Picture Examples)


Me too, people bully me, but everyone is a star, we are unique and beautiful🌟


Yes girl


wow nice Forums in this forum black hair information is available and
by the way i use the one site for hairstyles i share the link you go this site and get the information and latest styles and put into your blog.i hope this site is helpful for you.
Toddler Boys Haircuts


Also I would like to see these hairstyles:




Hey clarkies,
I hope you are doing well, and yes the pictures that you are showing are awesome. Here some are latest Toddler hairstyles I hope you’ve also loved the hairstyles. I always prefer whenever I’m going to change the hairstyle for my princess.


You sound like me ha…im black too #^^#; i love ur sweater in the 1st pic(the black long sleeved one) also your pretty


I hope they add these hair styles…i want cute stuff for our hair type too and more vairety(idk if it exsists like emo/goth afro hairstyles) and “kawaii” anime style hair(afro puffs with hair ornaments on them or other styles idk)


Thank you!




Specifically black people. This is only for black people.


support! i think i mightve supported before but im still for it. lol i really want some afro puffs


thank you and im glad i found this thread because this idea is amazing. I LOVE IT!!!


Support: :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:
Love to rock my hair like this💕
I also love doing my baby hairs :purple_heart:


Look at you, beautiful black girl in the building :slight_smile::kissing_smiling_eyes:


Mixed :joy:






I support this :fist:t5::heart:



i want box braid ponytail :pleading_face:


Episode has made a bun for it, I just want them to release IT! :triumph: