HAIR: More punk/goth/alternative hairstyles!

So there are already a few alternative hairstyles, but I would love to have even more!

Some examples:

frisyr 1
Bun with shaved sides

frisyr 2
Also think it would be really cool to have these braids available for male characters as well

frisyr 3
Short hair with shaved sides

I also think adding mohawk hairstyles could be really cool but I couldn’t really edit a picture of them so here are some examples I found on the internet:

What do you think? Feel free to discuss in the comments :slight_smile:


Yess these would be so cool to see

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OHHH, SUPPORTING THIS SM!!! I’d also love to get more dreadlock hairstyles, like this with shaved sides, oml I’m in love. I don’t really like the ones we have rn, maybe except the man bun, that they released some time ago. :pleading_face:


And welcome to the Forums! :smile:

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Support, Support, Support!!! I love the short hair with the shaved sides :heart_eyes:!

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These hairstyles would give me life to see!

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Closed since we already have a request thread for these kinds of hairstyles: HAIR: Punk hairstyles