HAIR: New Afro, and twists styles for LL Men


The ones that are there are now are really uneven looking and not shaped like how people with natural hair shape their hair. (Same goes for the ink afros too tbh.)
Generally black hair styles are very gender neutral. There doesn’t need to be different versions for a lot of them.
But here are some examples of what male afros look like:


Please take note of the shapes, the different hair textures, how most of these have intentional bangs, even if it’s just a slight bang like the last one.
When we do out hair the shape is a very important aspect. We don’t wake up with puffed afros after laying down all night. But generally it’s about having an circular symmetrical shape or a heart shape with volume. Bangs don’t need to be symmetrical but the outer part does.
Also all of the hairstyles above could double for women’s hair too. Like I said, our hairstyles are almost always gender neutral. I can’t think of a hair style that isn’t tbh.
The only difference is that bangs are usually more popular than non bangs with women. But with guys it’s literally either way.

Feature: More Natural Hairstyles

I definitely support this. A lot of the twist and Afro hairstyles look somewhat odd.


Also generally I think episode needs more black people on staff to help with the black features and hair designs, etc. Because like this isn’t the first complaint about the stuff you guys have made for us. Please hire more black artists. You guys need them.


What a great idea! The only problem might possibly the coding.


agreed tbh


I’m over here having to act like a 3a when in a 4b




Yeah no one uses the LL male afro because of how it’s shaped. It’s weird. Its gotta be a circle if it’s a fro or heart shaped if it’s just having your hair down




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