HAIR: Ombre hair (LIMELIGHT)


We only have one ombre hairstyle for Limelight and I think it’s really pretty so we should have more
images download

More hairstyles along with colours

I’m definitely supporting this


thank you boo


I always thought ombre hair looks beautiful


my hair is ombre so I want to make my character look like me


that’s cool


I’m working on a story and I really hope the MC could have Ombre hair


that would be good


yeah, it would be


support, we need more hair in general




Support all the way!
This would be awesome :sunglasses::revolving_hearts:


There should be a button where we can press to make the hair ombre, and then we select a color and slide something to change how much of the hair is ombe.


we should have 2 different sections of colours, one for one part of the hair and then for the other colour so that we don’t have to just use th default ombré


Now I really want to make an edit to show an idea :thinking:


Good idea.
Unfortunately it will never happen. I don’t think Episode team care about what we want. They don’t even add new clothes, so don’t get these hopes up too much.


Yeah… :roll_eyes:


It would be nice to wear STRAIGHT ombre hair, instead of the curly one.



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