HAIR: Ombre Haircolors


I dont know if this was already been featured but wouldnt it be great if they add ombre colors in INK and LL?

Like the one in this link

She makes amazing edits!!
I think it would be really amazing and a cool feature to episode stories

HAIR: Ombre hair (LIMELIGHT)
Let us have a option to colour the tips of characters

And limelight! :joy::joy::sneezing_face: support nonetheless


That would look so cool :star_struck:
Support :v:


support although they are no longer creating items for ink so it would only be limelight.

Also your title should be HAIR: Ombre Haircolors


Sorry ill change that


I was thinking the same, but didn’t know how to name them :smiley:
Big support!






Yas! I have pink tips on my hair so my character doesn’t feel like me






bumpydy bump bump


Bump again lol


Support! I would probably die from the cuteness though. :laughing:




Episode uses a lot of ombre hair colors in their ad’s so they should have some for us to use on our characters.


Support! :v:


Bump and support :v: