Hair Permanently?

I have created a character that originally had the hairstyle of the man bun but I now decided to change it to short cropped and so it worked on the portal on the computer but when I look it onto my phone perspective it hasn’t changed. It still has the original hairstyle. Does anyone know what’s happened?
FYI:My story is in INK

Did you press the update button? That’s all I got

Yeah, I have saved & preview it and I have Updated it

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Oof. I’m no help

Thank you though.

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No problem. My attempts at helping are weak but at least I tried lol.


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how did you change it ? did you change the character details or did you simply give a commant (something like @character changes hair into hair)

@Minoesje I changed it in the Characters details

Have you tried ‘restart story progress’ in your phone and it should default all the characters to their original looks (the looks in the portal)?

Try initializing your character’s features in the beginning of the first episode (And if you have any CC characters, I recommend doing this as well for them!)

Simply add in all the customization detail lines at the very beginning of episode 1 before you actually start any story stuff. Here’s an example of my story’s MC details as an example:

@YOU changes bodyColor into Gold 03
@YOU changes eyebrows into Round Thin High
@YOU changes eyebrowsColor into Black Dark
@YOU changes face into Heart Soft
@YOU changes eyes into Deepset Upturned Wide
@YOU changes eyesColor into Hazel Dark
@YOU changes mouth into Full Heart Pouty
@YOU changes mouthColor into Pink Warm Gloss
@YOU changes hair into Short Wavy Ombre
@YOU changes hairColor into Deep Brown
@YOU changes nose into Round Broad

Hope this helps!! :slight_smile:

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I also do this…it helps a lot👀

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