HAIR - Ponytails, Curly, Straight, Updo

Hi there I was wondering if you would please give us new hair styles. You know how when we’re editing characters on Episode Interactive we can choose a color by using the box, can you make it so we can do that for hair and/or clothes and let us save the colors under the names we want?

Hair Ex I would like:



image "]

Please look at this and I will be sending many more suggestions!!:blush:


hi and welcome to the forum

let me explain how to make suggestions

first, you need to suggest only one thing. that means one hairstyle.

you need to format the title like

HAIR: title

also not to discourage. but episode team rarly listen to it anyway.

btw I am not an admin, I just give friendly advice. so it properly wont come anytime soon.

you can read more about it here

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While that may seem like they do not listen, it is untrue.

The Episode Team does in fact listen to your suggestions but that is based on a system of popularity. If your suggestion is popular (in likes and comments) then it has a higher chance of getting implemented. Just thought I’d clear that up. :relaxed:


still it won’t happen fast. anyway, it will take years. if even that will do it.

It may not happen fast because there are so many people requesting at once, and they are scheduled to only update once every Thursday. Horses is already a lot of work, therefore we did not get them until recently. Eventually, we will get more stuff. For example, they could be working on babies, or something like Wet Hairstyles, but we will not know this because it takes a lot of work to implement in a 2D story telling app. My best guess is that they’re working on it behind the scenes, and they are just updating weekly with clothes so we don’t lose any content. :thinking:



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It’s still discouraging and I know they won’t answer right away they are busy people and thank you for your advice m’am.


Thank you!!:pray:t4:

Thank you for not discouraging me.:pray:t4::blush:

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Oh well who ever flagged it, that was unnecessary :sob:

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