I was editing a character sprite and realized just how much I’d like to have variations of some hair styles, like for example the Boy Bun, Modern Pompadour or even Long Bangs! Considering I can edit them myself in an art programme (which I know not everyone can), it’d be so cool if we could somehow upload our own… but I know that doesn’t work. That’s why I’m just suggesting variations!

I’m speaking INK btw, I do prefer that style over LL for some reason :joy:

edit original

But yeah, I hope this works? Uploading images and all… but that’s an example of my edit!


It looks great.


I really like that idea! Especially as though they aren’t updating ink anymore, they could allow maybe some talented users to do it and modify it, etc! Really cool idea :slight_smile:


I’d volunteer to help update INK anyday, honestly! :sweat_smile: Thanks, by the way!


Your welcome! :wink:


Fades would be nice. Support




That sounds like a great idea! But Episode Interactive is no longer updating INK


Aye, I heard… well, maybe they’ll adapt this into LL sometime! That’d be neat, too!


yes that would be awesome!!! I would support that!!!


Definitely supporting that.