Hairstyles for CC


I feel like Episode should add newer hairstyles with fringes (bangs if you’re American). Preferably if you have a side bang with wavy hair like I do.


Hello @SaltedCaramel93, this is Sydney the moderator! If you’re interested in making a request to the Episode development team for a specific hairstyle, please check out our Feature + Art Suggestions to see if one has already been suggested! If not, feel free to make a request and review the Feature Request Guidelines to make it doesn’t violate them. :smiley:


My bad




they will be adding more things to limelight.


TODAY is the update!


So they will be adding more stuff and hopefully what you wanted.


Sweet! I can’t wait. It’s just that in real life I have a side fringe and wavy hair and would like to see what it would look like on Limelight and Ink

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