Hairstyles, which one do you not use?

So we come to a conclusion that majority of people (including me) hate cropped punk cut.
I don’t understand why Episode even created it :sob: :sob:


tbh I have many of them!! :sweat_smile:

  • Blunt Bangs Short(I just don’t like it :roll_eyes:)
  • Conservative Cut ( it’s just eww from back side)
  • Cropped Punk Cut (Just like everybody)
  • Long Straight Slicked Back (Who would use this)
  • Long Tapered Widows Peak
  • Short Wavy Hair Solid
  • Small Bun (What is it made for!!)
  • Type 4 Afro ( It’s so Weird)

Yep that’s all!! ( I know it’s a big list :sweat_smile:)


I basically agree w all of them :sob:

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no. just no.


Hair I Don’t Like (Divided into Categories)–Female Edition

Elf Vibes
  • Long Tapered Widows Peak
Generic Mean Girl
  • Long Curls

  • Long Loose Curls (I can’t stand the way the top part is straight and then it gets curly)

  • Long Straight Wavy Ends Parted (awkward hairstyle)

  • Long Thick Curls (could be better)

  • Long Wavy Loose Bangs Sideswept (this one feels messy)

  • Long Wavy Parted Hair (not that bad, but huge mean girl vibes)

  • Side Swept Updo Long (a good hairstyle, but also the go-to mean girl one)

  • Beach Wave Hair (ew)

  • Sleek Ponytail

*Hair Flip (another good one, but it can easily be a mean girl hairstyle because it’s so popular)

  • Updo High Twist Bangs Blunt

And lastly…

  • Pony Tail Blunt Bangs
  • Classic Bob (not that bad, but it’s definitively Karen hair)

  • Short Curly Blow Out

  • Wavy Side Curls

Go-Go Girl

*High Wavy Pony Tail Over Shoulder Solid

  • Long Half Up Ponytail Hair

  • Updo Pony Wavy Long
    (None of these hairstyles are SUPER bad, but they just seem almost…comically large?)

  • Cropped Punk Cut

  • Long Bang Short Hair

  • Long Straight Slicked Back

  • Medium Side Bang Double Bun

  • Medium Straight Overgrown Bangs (except when used for comic effect)

  • Short Pixie

  • Scene Swoosh

  • Updo Curly Long

Some of these I don’t actually dislike, but they’re used for the same archetype (looking at you, Episode Mean Girl).


“Long Braided” and “Hair Flip” are so over-used they fee corporate at this point


Because they were feeling particularly spiteful the day they created it probably :skull:


On the subject of INK hair:


Diva Curls (aka Kiki hair). It’s just too stereotypically mean girl and feels fake.
Jules Hair. The texture is different!!!
Pixie Hair is…okay.
Straight Bob. Meeeeh.
Suburban Bubble. You can’t tell me this isn’t Karen hair.
Double Bun Updo. Meh.


Bowl Cut.
Man Bun. The sides are shaved???
Cade Hair is awkward, as well.
What are the Faux Hawk styles??? Lol.
Shaggy Long Hair shows up twice.
Thinning Long has Snape vibes.


Omg, it totally does! (haven’t written in Ink so I had to go look :joy:)

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