Halloween Backgrounds/ REQUEST THREAD *CLOSE*


Hey guys. Currently making more Halloween background. Send me a picture of any background that you want me to decorate with Halloween theme. All of these background are free to use and are in my drive. Will send the link.

![ezgif-4-889efba1b1|690x408] (upload://ysJxg8BquhhAuq4RyOVPNGChrgR.jpeg)

More New Halloween Backgrounds
Background Halloween HELP!
More New Halloween Backgrounds
Need a Halloween background by today


Can you give me a Halloween edit of this background? No jack-o-lanterns please. Just ghosts and monster decor if you know what I mean.




Lol they are :clap:AMAZING!!! I love :heart_eyes: them




Anything you want me to add. THIS IS NOT FINISHED AS YET.


or remove.


In the far, darker part, could you add a photo booth? Not too big but not too small either. I love it so far!


Wow, these are amazing & spooky cool :wink:

@KerriStrwberry I know you will love these :ghost::jack_o_lantern::orange_heart:


on the water or rocks?




Actually, can you rep the bats of the right side with the booth?






send the picture again on the spot where u want me to place photo booth. I think u deleted it.


Omg! These are beautiful!!! :weary::scream: I need more Halloween backgrounds!!


@lanafrazer_episode You’re background edits are STUNNING I’m currently writing a halloween story for episode and I was wondering if it would be okay to use your designs?! Also if I could make a few requests for my story. Could you edit these? I know I’m asking alot but I would love to incorporate these in my story


Woah! Cool! I will edit them for you. May take a while. Sure you can use the designs. All of the backgrounds that I posted are free for everyone to use.


Thank you sooo much!!! I will be sure to mention you in my story!! I’m sorry to give you so much work :joy: but I will make sure people know how awesome your work is!! Thanks again! :wink::ghost::vampire:t2::spider_web::jack_o_lantern:


Np, and thanks.