Halloween Backgrounds/ REQUEST THREAD *CLOSED*

Ok guys. :sunglasses:


Yes, please.

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Guys send your background requests for Halloween on my thread. So I wont have to go back n forth.



Which thread

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@lanafrazer_episode like this?

not all of them. the ones that I didnt do, but send it just like that, and fill out form.

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@lanafrazer_episode okay :smiley:

@lanafrazer_episode for the bedrooms add like cobwebs kinda make it look older and creepy too much blood gets censored :roll_eyes:

I needed a middle school Halloween dance party for either of these please and thank you! :blush:

Yes please

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@vickybee send your halloween request to this thread so I wont have to go back and forth. u to @KerriStrwberry @Demon_Buttercup @NICOLE94, like I said in my previous post.

Link: Lana's Request Thread *NOW OPEN*

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I think I did it right :laughing:

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