Halloween contest



Haii it’s me Lucia V
Halloween is ariund the corner and I am the happiest gurllll on This planet
So my idea was to hold a Halloween contest for fun But there r prizes

  1. Edit, cover ( and you can me an important character in my new story “ red lips”)
  2. Edit, shoutout in my new story
  3. Edit
    1.you have to behalve friendly no bullies allowed
  4. The edit has to be something related by Halloween ( make-up, clothes etc.)

Here is previous edit I made inspired by Halloween—>


Please tag other people because I can only tag 2 because I am new

I hope you all will enter❤️


What is it you need


What do you mean?


What do we have to do


Owhh wahahha you have to make an edit related to Halloween and the prices are in the topic


Seeing as I will be out of the country for almost 2 weeks thus away from laptop… I don’t think I can participate in this but I can help you with tagging people


Okii btw Thank you for the help


Yeah so I just stole someone else their taglist seeing as I don’t know that many people on here :joy:

So sorry to the ones I annoyed with me tagging them



Whahah Thank you so much😂


Thank you!!!


I hope people will enter :joy:




they will eventually. lol


I hope so lol


What do you mean by prices?


What you can win like edits etc.


I want to enter but I don’t understand what should I edit?


Thank you I’m joining


You have to make an edit related to Halloween like my exemple