Halloween Themed Outline Contest



Welcome To My Outline Contest! Since it is Around Halloween time, the theme is Halloween! There will be a one winner prize but we will get that in a minute! Read the rules and have fun! Also ALL outlines are already PNG!


1) Must Be Halloween Related
2) No Drama
4) No Copy Cats
5) ONLY Slight Edits
6) Must Use Password Halloween




Credit to my friend @Itz_Madison for the outlines. If you have made edits and want to know if it’s ok PM her! If you use it as an example credit her!


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Appearance in my story
Free art scene from @Itz_Madison

Her Art Scene Examples:

Entries WITHOUT the password wont count


Bruh, entering!


I’m gonna try it…




Working on mine today… or tomorrow


When’s deadline have I missed


No deadline :grin:



Here is one… I’m gonna do the other two if that’s okay.