Halp I can't play my fav episode stories!


I started reading an episode story and got to the best part then BAM this message shows up-

Our server might be experiencing a temporay issue and the download did’t complete. Please chech ur internet conection and try again in a bit

I mean what is that supposed to mean? My internet connection is perfectly fine.

Pls halp before I crush my phone to bits. :worried:


Hello! I’ll right away see if my phone is experiencing the same trouble! And as soon as possible I’ll try to help you!

Just a question may you say the name of the story? So I try it on that specific story as well?


The Darkness within by Zayne


Well I was able to enter in the story. :disappointed_relieved:

Try to Restart the app or even the phone :disappointed_relieved:

Sorry for not being able to help as much as I wanted to :sparkling_heart:


Aw thx anyway


Hello @SashaEpisode2, I’m very sorry to hear about your issues with the mobile app. :frowning: Try submitting a help ticket to our support team! :smiley: They’ll be more than happy to help you. :smile: