Hamilfans Thread

Hey guys! Lmfao I am currently listening to Guns and Ships on loop, because Hamilton is great. I don’t know but 1 person on Episode that’s a hamilfan. So if YOU are, let’s talk about Hamilton, lol. YAY REFRENCES 24/7 BOIIS.

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Oh, and @L.M.Taylia


i love hamilton i recently watched it on broadway after being a hamilfan since last year <3

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That’s so cool! i wish

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Oh sorry I’m dumb. @anon55976316



Hamilton wrote u my dude

I have a question. So the Picture/cover for Hamilton… is he just pointing up or aiming his gun at the sky?

Because the second option is genius but I think you can look at it either way…

Darn it.

I’m not too familiar with Hamilton. But I had the privilege of experiencing this song performed live when The Decemberists were in Philadelphia. Colin Meloy said he couldn’t think of a better place to play that song. If you’re not familiar with the song, it’s because it’s one of a number of songs that didn’t get into the final production. You should be aware before you listen that there will be some “colorful” language.