Hand Drawn Cover Art/ Character Intro's / Filters / Overlays

Hey there! I’m a freelance illustrator who’s new to episode. I recently started my own story and fell in love with making cover art and other custom artwork to add to my story.

I’m good with photoshop and character stuff so feel free to message me if you’re interested!

I can do overlays, filters/effects for your story like dramatic lighting, cover art, custom art for a specific scene in your story, character into art, edits, etc.


Episode Examples:


This is freaking amazing!!!


can i request a splash?

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and my my! your hand drawn art is amazing!!!


Your art is amazing :open_mouth:

I want to request something, but I haven’t gotten a proper story written up yet. I’m still gonna bookmark this for safekeeping, though ;w;

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Amazing you should join episode diamonds there looking for talented people like you

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This is so amazing!! I’m going to request soon! :heart:

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Your art is fantastic! Definitely bookmarked for later.:clap:


Your art is amazing first of all, I’m pretty sure everyone says that but it’s true.
How the colors work together and just the style in general leaves me in awe.

Can I request for an art scene?!
And it’d for a published story, called “Problems of a Black Teenager”
I know some artist like to know if a story is published and if they find it good.
My Instagram is @dimarie_episode that’s the best way of contacting me, but I will definitely check if you replied to this.

Amazing arts :+1::+1::+1::kissing_heart:

Can I request? :wink:

@nuggy will be able to take request on saturday feel free to leave your request

Wow! These are amazing! Do you think you can make a cover for my story?

Can I request one? :slight_smile:

Just leave the deatils

OMg I read all the episodes on that story,I love your storyyy:’D

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for sure! if anyones interested just send me a private message!

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Still doing this? Your art is amazing!

hi i’m interested to request?