Hand holding/other hand animations

I’m having trouble finding the closest possible animation to show male and female INK characters holding hands. I’ve seen this being done in stories before. Which animations should I use?

Find an animation that looks like the characters are holding/touching each others hands. Then, zoom in as close as possible so it looks like they are holding hands. Right now, this is the closet solution possible. Hopefully I helped!

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I think you misunderstood, I was asking about the specific animations I should use. I’ll edit my post and specify!

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Oh, so sorry, I think I do have one in mind. Using kiss_cheek_give_selfie for both of your characters, make them face away from each other @MALE faces right AND @FEMALE faces left, it should look like they are holding hands if you spot it properly.


Thank you so much!

Or maybe kiss_forward_selfie Idk lol

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