Hand overlay helpppp

I have a scene where my character stops another character with her hand. I made an overlay of a hand for it, however I’m unable to find the overlay in the scene, I keep moving it around and around, scaling it to whatever size and I’m STILL unable to find it. Plus my portal becomes verrryyy laggy because of it. Any help please?

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Can you show your script/code?

Schermafbeelding 2024-05-10 om 21.54.26
I used @overlay HAND 04 create, so I could move it around in the scene and then copy it and put in my script.

What zone are you using for your background?

zone 2

Try this and let me know if it shows up:

@overlay HAND 04 create
@overlay HAND 04 shifts to 183 112 in zone 2
@overlay HAND 04 scales to 0.117 0.117
@overlay HAND 04 rotates 0 anchor point 0.0 0.0
@overlay HAND 04 to layer 4
@overlay HAND 04 opacity 1.00

If it doesn’t, try zooming out as much as you can with the camera and you might just find it.

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Oh my friggin goddd THANKYOUUU I was struggling for SOO LONGG

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No problem! :smiling_face:

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