Hand Overlays. (Please help?)

I need some hand overlays but no shop will make them
There are shops, but they are closed.

I can help

Can I see examples please?

Oh and thank you!

go here https://forums.episodeinteractive.com/t/episode-studio-request-thread/24215

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Um, I asked it to be white but thanks!

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we will change it


your welcome

Episode Studio is always here to help

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@ shara.stories on Instagram has a lot of different hand and arm overlays of every color for INK and some of LL.

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@episode.uwe has whole set of hand overlay of all skin tones

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If you want a particular hand overlay then send me a pm of the pose and I’ll make one for you. :grin:

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Thank you!

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Hey girl! If you have instagram, head over to @episode.advice for hand/arm overlays in their linktree! Thy have so many, in all skin tones and for men and women!