Handrail overlay (Closed)


Does any one have a handrail overlay for INT. VICTORIAN SET STAIRS - DAY and INT. CASTLE FOYER - NIGHT?
I would be very grateful and would credit you in my story!
Thanks :slight_smile:
Update: No longer in need.


I can do it!


Okay :slight_smile:
Any idea how long it would take?


less than an hour or so since the stairs are very detailed.


Thank you so much!



Hey sorry, it’s not perfect but if you need changes. Ask me.

And plus, you can just this over the real background of this so it wouldn’t look weird.


Sweet thank you, are you going to be able to do the other one too? It doesn’t have to be today, I can wait till tomorrow or so.


I can try tomorrow depends if I’m busy.


Thank you, just let me know.


Actually, you don’t mind telling someone else to do it. Sorry. I’m busy tomorrow since I’m moving to another house :sob::sob: