Hands behind back of chair overlay help

Hiya! Does anyone know how to create a hands behind back of chair overlay? I’m starting to write my story and im stuck on creating this specific type of overlay I want. If anyone could help, i would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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do u mean the view is the back of the chair? (this is pretty impt hehe)
i can try my best to make that for you
may i have the details of the character and the chair?

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Hi the thing is I don’t want someone to make it for me, even though people do that, because I feel I’m not learning anything from it ya know? I just need help with it as in, maybe a tutorial on how to do this? I’ve gotten close but i dont know how to do this. And i change my mind about the chair, i was gonna have him on his knees with his hands behind his back… I just dont know how ppl do these overlays. I must be doing something wrong anyway, his details are this:

Skin: Taupe
Eyes: Gentle Almond Hickory
Eyebrows: Thick Arch Athletic
Nose: Strong
Mouth: Smirk Rosewood
Face Shape: Diamond
Hair: Long Bangs Charcoal

And heres the outfit:

you can use an editing website called pixlr.com.
firstly, you want to take a few animations, for example, that sleeping one for the legs, and maybe a hand from a different animation. (sorry I don’t know much, I use LL…)
and then once you got ur animations, you want to copy and paste them, then crop out the parts of the body that you don’t need. once you’ve cropped out the unnecessary parts, you can join the pictures together to make an overlay that makes it look like he’s on his knees with hands behind his back.
if you don’t get the above, u can pm me and ill try to help u out! sry if that didn’t help u out tho :sweat_smile: