Hands, legs, body with clothing overlays

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In amount of stories I read I’ve found overlay that helps writer find a cuter or smarter way to show readers how he/she imagines the position. :thinking:

For example when character is hugging someone, the arm is on the second person that character is hugging.

I wanted to ask who has ever done it and where I can find it.
If you’ve ever done it, what program or site do you use to work with?
It would be super helpful.

Thank you for any respond :blush:

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That’s overlay with directing help you can create your own overlay and direct it … it way take time to approved but you can still review it you can simply go in art category and submit your own overlay after that you just need directing help which you can easily find in Need help :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you :blush:

your welcome :blush:

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