Hands overlay Male and Female with tattoos

Hello, guys! I was wondering if someone has or can make me overlays for male and female hands with the same tattoos! Thank you! :hugs: :blob_hearts:

what tattoos?

For both !

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I can try that. What are their skin colors?

Gold 2 both

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I can try too if you want :upside_down_face:

what hand overlays?



The first one. Also do you think you can do a crossed one for the male?

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you mean like this?



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So, I really have to sleep rn since it’s 12 a.m. here, you can ask @Katy_2 for help if you need it urgently :ok_hand:
sorry if I caused inconvenience- :pleading_face:

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Sure can you help me? :sweat:

Idk how but that was my old accont and somehow I had access to it so, if you need me tag this account plz :joy: