Hanna's art school (Sign Up)

Hey guys I’m opening an art school.I love to teach you the basic things of editing.You’ll be taught privately.I’ll teach you how to edit ink cuz I never edited limelight.

Things I’ll teach you::

  • Face shading
  • Face highlightning
  • Mouth shading
  • how to make neat lines
  • how to make eyebrows
  • eye shading
  • eye lighting
  • clothing shading
  • how to find poses
  • body shading
  • body lighting
  • how to make custom hair
    and more things :))

my ig with my latest posts feel free to follow it;)
My main ig also with examples

How to enroll:

  • How long have you been editing
  • Examples

Idk when the first lesson will start but I’ll tell u guys!