Happy Birthday Chid! 💛


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Happy Birthday Queen Chid!

Chidimma walks back home from school, smiling to herself. She had gotten a few birthday wishes from her friends there, and she grinned when she saw the gifs and wishes on the chat. She wasn’t expecting anything when she opened the door. But…

“Happy Freaking Birthday!”

Chidimma’s eyes widened as she looked around the entry room. All the Fairytaled Forumers were smiling widely at her, waving, posing, and shrieking. Even better, every one of her favorite Fairytaled characters were gathered there too.

LTea was drinking a hot mug of golden tea, River desperately flirting with Bleiz, Lilliana tapping her foot impatiently. Little Elf and Saphy were laughing together and wearing matching golden party hats. Scarlet and Cricket were arguing (lovingly) over who would get to eat the first slice of cake. Blu was smiling widely, and talking to Nehal and Castor the clone. They were organising the many presents. Cookie was eating a chocolate cookie with Briar eating a peanut butter one.

The walls were painted gold and black with glitter. Hot pink was basically everywhere you looked, and everyone had a party hat on.

Everyone’s eyes were on Chid as River walked over, placing a golden crown atop her head. “Happy birthday gurl!” She shrieked with some jazz hands. She placed a golden and black book inro Chid’s hands. Everyone laughed as River walked back to Bleiz.


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This is where the mini Roleplay begins. I hope this is good, I have never done one before! @QueenChid I hope you enjoy your suprise! Have fun with this. And to everyone…

Let’s freaking party!


ORP:what should we do? Continue the story?


Well not exactly. Don’t worry about it, :blush:



“YOU PEOPLE ARE SO SWEET,” I said as I looked through the book. A strangled noise escaped from my throat, as I read the notes. Am I crying? I had woken up to more than a dozen birthday wishes and I thought that had been enough. But then they all went and did this whole thing. It was completely unnecessary but so so sweet that they had done it, and just for me? I looked up at them, shaking my head in awe. “So sweet, so sweet.” I murmured to myself, tears brimming at the corner of my eyes.


“What can I say? I’m a sweet person.”
Sensing a potential smack to the face coming my way, I smile and try to salvage my comment.
“What I mean is that it is hard not to be sweet to such a wonderful person. The forums wouldn’t be the same without you, your awesome skills, and your humor.”



I ran in late, panting. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHID!” I yelled as I didn’t stop running and went to attack her with a hug.
“You’re gonna have the best birthday this world has ever seen 'cause you’re one of the best people in this world,” I laughed as I pulled back and spotted everyone else and waved.
“HEY GuYSsSs!” I acknowledged excitedly.