Happy Birthday Diana!

Happy Birthday Diana!!!

We all wish you have the best b-day ever @xetic !!!

My paragraph

Lol first of all Diana, you are bhaddie lmao! You’re badass, hilarious, caring, helpful, and kind! I love it when we argue about silly things! But if anybody messes with you, they’ll have to mess with me! Also that dare you gave me was hilarious yet uncomforable! But I gotta say I bet you loved that dare I gave you about pedishille :smirk: jkjk haha! But seriously you’re amazing, and I can’t believe you turned 14!!! I’m so sorry that I didn’t give you an edit, I’m just so busy lately, but I’ll promise to make you something! :sob::pleading_face: ilysm @xetic! :heart::heart::heart::heart:


First of all, about the edit…umm…sorry. Anyway, B h X DIE DAS HET FFROSTED FLAKES, I wish you a happy birthday and hope you have a GREAT birthday. You’re such a good friend and ilysm; feels like just yesterday we met and you sent me that link to “McDonalds” :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face: And you a talented bih wtf STOP snatching my wig…ok nvm keep it up cuz I like seeing what u come up with :pensive: AnYWAY, you’re so sweet (sometimes) and I love how protective you are of your friends and will fight for them if needed I actually dont deserve u period. Love ya babushka! :hugs::hugs::hugs: sorry that paragraph was weird idk how to feelings :woozy_face:


wsp stoopid , happy birthday yo youre so old omg youre like 14 old ass youre growing up :sob: thanks for always being here for me ho , youre like the reason ive improved in everything tbh :skull: , especially my art like deadass wo you i wouldnt have been where im @ rn , you were my first friend on here & i love you for staying w me , your energy still shocks me pero like thas one of the things i love abt you :relieved: not to mention the fact that i had a crush on you for a while LMFAOO SISISISISSIS pero anyways , thanks for still not replacing me after almost a year , thanks for not getting tired of me , &&& thanks for still being my bsf , wo you , i wouldnt b here rn so stfu bitch :pouting_cat: , you always helped me w like EVERYTHING , my story , my art , giving me advice , attacking hos , making me feel better & sm more , you a rl one hOmIE doG :pensive: , i should defo write more on here but its 2 am & im tired LMFAOO so jus b grateful ho, u always gonananaan b my #1 bich , & ill never replace your dumbass for anyone else . LMFAOO I REMEMBER WHEN WE TRIED CALLING EACHOTHER BUT THE AUDIO DIDNT WORK AND WE WERE LAUGHINNG SO HARD :sob: OR ALL THOSE TIMES WE GOT OUR ASSESS FLAGGED FOR SAYING STUPID SHIT ON THREADS :sleepy: , i love you asshat , HAPPY BIRTHDAY bESfRanD :heart: .


Boo, I hope you have the best birthday possible, I love and adore you so fucking much! You are an amazing talented Lil bean and I couldn’t be more grateful for your friendship, you have been an amazing friend and you always know just what to say to cheer people up! I hope you like your present you are a qween who is loved dearly!



Happy birthday BBY!
Love you so much and I hope you beat them hoes and have the best birthday ever!!!
You talented queen, wish you the best! :heart::smirk::heart:


happy birthday samuel !! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

even though you bully me & are a MaN & blocked me smh i still lava u & ty for always being a real bitch :clown_face: ur so talented & lowkey a crackhead but so fucking funny & everything you say makes me laugh lmfaoo ur a crazy bitch & ily ok bye


wazzzuuuppp love! so uhm first of all love u so muchhhhhh, second of all i didn’t have time to draw u a edit (sowwy) so ur getting a edited piece, 3rd of all this paragraph is bad so i’m ending on this thing. love u so fucking much stoopid, ur a cute lil’ precious bean and we all love u.


omgg, samuel-

it’s your birthday!! :tada:
lemme just say, you deserve to have the best day ever and i hope all of your wishes come true :two_hearts:

i remember when we first met when i requested at your art shop- we became friends instantly. but after a few weeks, we became inseparable. omg ilysm :pleading_face:
you’re so amazing, intelligent, funny and kind and idk what i’d do without you- in fact, i don’t even wanna know-
you’re so amazing, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. do me a favor and never change. always be your lovable self. :crazy_face:

ALSO YOU’RE SO TALENTED!! I LOOK UP TO YOU! :sneezing_face: you’re a big inspiration, i swear-

anyway, happy birthday :partying_face: ilysm, frosty!

(also i’ll post your edit soon- sorry, it’s taking a while.)

-nameera :dizzy:


@keiji @minnehaaa

Here is your cake:

We love you Dianaaaaa


happy birthday! :birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday::tada::confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball::balloon::balloon:

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Happy birthday. :tada: :birthday:

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happy birthday, frostyyy :partying_face::pleading_face:

we lysm


Happy Birthday Diana, ilysm. :sparkles::tada:


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYYSSYANANANANA :pleading_face::pleading_face:


Happy Birthday BOO!


happy birthday!

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Ok so I just wanna day tysm for doing this like omfg this is so sweet ily SE MEMBERS! And tysm for the edits and paragraphs i love y’all​:crazy_face: and bye it’s Sammy JP :joy:

@Epi.milkyway hi you’ve done enough and you most certainly don’t need to make me an edit like at all-
@Problematic_Patrick ilyt babushka ass and tysm-
The edit is gorgeous Kay stop being talented, the shading is ABOVE NORMAL LIKE SISTER SNATCHED
@eilyk I hate yo username ho I keep forgetting you changed it and ahh man memories :pensive::clown_face: iLYSM HO-
Lowkey some fun ass times :cupid::crazy_face: stay talented and flex on everyone :raised_hands:t2: Cute edit btw :smirk: because it has me in it :crazy_face: JP i love it lmfaoooo
@Bridi ilysm omg sorry we rarely even text anymore highkey, I still love ya and ur talented ass self tho :hot_face::stuck_out_tongue: tysm bb and damn lOOKIN gorgeous as always
@sofia2 :joy: tysm hon and bettt ily ho
@lvqbrl bye no u bully me and I’m not a man and I had to block u for Bhxddie reasons-
Anyway ily ho and tysm for being a dumb bEtCh jp ty for having that crackhead energy when needed ILY.
@Jayl omg HUn sorry we ain’t talk anymore as we used to ilysm and it’s gorgeous (u didn’t have to make it but I appreciate it sm) ily bb keep slayin
@Neptune GURL UR AN INSPIRATION ilysm, and ur art is just on fleeeeek always boo ty for always being for my dumb self ilyyyy and u don’t have to make the edit Kay ly
@lanafrazer_episode tysm girl :heart::heart:
@Karii.xo omg ty :sunglasses::revolving_hearts:
@minnehaaa ilysm b ty
@Tom_THE_Best thank you smmm :green_heart::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:joy: se the goat foe


omg shut up, you’re too nice-

i already finished the outline so too late :relieved:

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Lmfao bye make it into an appreciation edit for yourself then :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ilyt puta

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no- you deserve all the appreciation ily

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Lmao Im working on the edit rn ilysm2 :pleading_face::triumph:

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Happy birthday


:pleading_face:thenk u


Thank u sm :heart:

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happy bday! :partying_face:

ik it isn’t good… sorry. anyway, happy birthday @xetic! love ya lots :partying_face: