Happy birthday Secretz! 😊


Ahhh happy happy happy birthday @Secretz_lol! Okay I know we weren’t on the best of terms last week but hey! It’s your birthday! I hope you have lots of fun on your bday and that you enjoy it.

So bestie, I would like to start by saying you have helped me so many times. I actually used to have a crush on you. First we started a story together. Then we met in Episode studio again. Even after the fallout of ES we kept in touch because of the story and then @SilverStar invited me to her wedding and I got into the group chats and then we actually really talked.

I love those stupid arguments we had. :rofl: You had so simple solutions to every problem that seemed complicated to me. It was actually like you were my answer bank. Like if I don’t understand anything I PM you and I got the solution. So all in all thanks a lot for everything!

I hope you have the best birthday ever! :blue_heart:



Lol thanks.


:joy::joy::joy: No problem. At least you didn’t kill me.




ahhh wut it’s Secz’s b-day??

Happy Birthday Secz!


Yep. It is. :joy::joy:


Lol thanks.


I have a question:
are you secretly a robot?


Why is there no cake above his name


Maybe, maybe not.


Don’t feel like it, lol.


AHHHHHHH MY FAVORITE AND ONLY BROTHER’S BIRTHDAY IS TODAY! Vrkdbdkssbsksbsksbdsodhd Happy birthday Secretz! I didn’t even know! Or see a cake! But for real happy birthday and I think it’s like night time for you so I hope your day was 100% swanky! Also I’ll send you one of my best children cupcakes for your special day!




Happy Birthday Secretz!


Happy birthday secz!!! You’re the best uncle ever!!! Oh yeah and a great friend lol.


K-kiwi?! Mum I missed youuuuuuuuuuuuuu


lol hi

I’ve been inactive… Hi I’m alive!


Hi I’m dead


oh right, me too… Sorry I keep forgetting I’m dead :thinking::joy:


hi does anyone know a group i canjoin im new to forums and i see alot of art groups pls message me if u know a art group