Happy birthday to me!

It’s official today I turn 22 and I started writing when I was 16 let me ask you all a question before you start telling me happy birthday Does writing make you feel like you are in another world like the real world doesn’t exist and you are the only one in it flying on a cloud being free to let out your emotions to let out what your feeling at the exact moment Answer my question before spamming me with birthday wishes lol


Honestly writing does make me feel like I’m in my own world in my head. Also happy birthday. :heart:

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Do you feel like your flying on a cloud and you zone out and feel like you are you when your writing and also thank you :heartbeat:

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I do happy birthday may all your wishes come true

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Writing definitely does not make me feel like I travel unto another world. I feel the as I do when I am not writing, as I am writing.

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Well I wanna know how u feel when you write

Honestly saying… Idk if i write good or not or if its even worth writing the fantasy stories but i love how my imagination just let me be and create any fantasy I like… Like having a story at my fingertips according to my wish is just a great feeling … It lets me be free of the worries i think about … Nd truly saying i write story only through coding nd not the traditional way and how everything turns out makes me feel so proud of myself like on cloud nine i suppose… Anyways enough about my exp … Just way end it with … Happy birthday love :two_hearts: hope uh enjoy it nd happy writing :two_hearts:

This is the perfect description of how writing feels for me. I get so invested in it as well, sometimes I even forget my characters aren’t real people. And that my stories aren’t real events (apart from the fantasy stories because it’s obviously fictional)

Happy birthday! 22 is a great number.

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Yeah I honestly do feel that way lol.

Also 22 is my favorite number. Yes I have a favorite number.

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I feel as if my imagination runs wild while I am writing my story it’s like no one will judge you on what you love! and thank you for your response I love what you wrote and thank you :heartbeat:


Wow a lot of people have different POVs of writing this ones honestly my favorite response

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Awesome! lucky number 23 is my favorite!

What kind of stories do you write for Episode?

I have a mafia story that im currently writing but it’s not appropriate for younger and sensitive audiences it doesn’t have blood but violence Ig im not sure

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Happy birthday :birthday:

To answer your question, yes it does. Especially since the setting in my story is where I live (IL) it makes them feel so real. I always kind of snap out of it when I wake up the next day, like it’s not real I (unfortunately) am a human being in this world, not a character in an episode story.

Don’t even get me started at night when I’m supposed to be sleeping and my mind is just thinking about my little world.

thank u sorry this is a late reply

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I always try to put myself in my character’s shoes. When I’m not writing, I’m always thinking of ways I can make the story more interesting. Happy belated birthday by the way! :heart:

Yes, and I hope you had an amazing birthday!

Thank you so much and I feel the same way I play my Mc Katelyn I love roleplaying her and I feel the way she feels as if she was real yk

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Yes thank you it was a good birthday!

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