Happy birthday Toasty!πŸ’–


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Happy birthday @CinnamonToast :sparkling_heart:

Now you know why we have been doing all morning

We have completely forgotten today was your birthday so we spent all day making you a present
And we all love you and so is everyone on episodeπŸ’–

We welcome everyone to toasty birthday party yayayay :crown:

I hope everyone haves fun :fire:


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  2. Please don’t say something nasty and mean

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Happy birthday Cinnamon! I may not know you that much but I have seen you around and I have to say I’m really impressed by each and every one of your work!

Since its your birthday, it’s only best to give you a present right?

Birthday Present

Haha the present is for later

You should also order a cake at @Chocolate_Mama bakery :thinking:


@Harmony.Fam isn’t this supposed to be in there gen. Chat?


Happy birthday toasty!
LOL you won’t get your prez till later.
We all love you happy birthday!


:sleepy: Happy bday.


HBday @CinnamonToast! Lol. More surprises coming honey! Enjoy to the fullest!!!:heart::raised_hands::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::birthday::cake:

  • gets big bag of confetti and throws it in the air with balloons!*


I sent it on the other chat I think


Happy Birthday @CinnamonToast! Hope you have an amazing bday! :heart:


I tagged you lmao


Lol oops


I’m gonna update it

Cause now I have time


I dont mind being tagged at all, but why was I tagged. I dont think @CinnamonToast knows me.


Lol sorry

I was just tagging anyone lol


Ur fine :grinning:


Oh lol

The emoji :joy:


Um ok…



Ahh, so sorry I couldn’t muster up a present but happy birthday, Toastie! I hope we can get closer over forums :revolving_hearts: