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Can I request a background?

Background description: A kind of tomboy bedroom, with many bookshelves and a computer. (Can you also include a PRIDE flag somewhere)

Colors: cool grays and whites

Any other important information: Can it look like this, but in the Episode style?

Can @fcukforcookies do it?

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You drew this picture?



Hi I would like to have a Cover done for my story please!

Title: Who hired Cupid?
Author name: Katie
Story description: A match making company help singles find love
Background: picture or description Anything related to Cupid, love, Valentine, Red etc
Characters: full description (screenshot is optional)
Body - Neutral 02,
Brow - Arched Thin High, Colour Copper Red
Hair - Pinup Victory Rolls, Colour Copper Red
Eyes - Deep Set Eyes False Lashes Smokey Eye, Colour Green Emerald
Face - Diamond Defined Contour
Nose - Defined Natural
Lips - Full Heart Pouty, Colour Red Gloss
Outfit: Double Leaf Hanging Earrings Metal Red Rose
Gothic Lolita BabyDoll Dress Red Crimson
Devil Sequin Shoes Red
Extra details: Animation flirt_wink_atcamera_pose




Nope. It is edited, nothing is drawn






Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you help me make a girl on motorcycle overlay please?
Where she is riding the motorcycle with a black helmet on?.
Character details:
Female character
Skin tone: Neutral 03
Brow: Arched Natural - Color: Black dark
Hair: Short Wavy Ombre - Color: Warm pink
Eyes: Round Downturned Wide - Color: Brown black
Face: Heart Defined
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Lips: Small Heart - Color:Peach gloss


Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi can I request a splash please?


This background or something like it


This story contains mature themes and strong language


Female Character(INK):
Body: Light
Brow: Seductive Arch
Hair: Beach Wave Hair (Color: Platinum Blond)
Eyes: Upturned Luxe (Color: Taupe )
Face: Round
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Classic (Color: Blush)

Outfit: Pastel Tie-Die Beach Day Romper, Small Fishnets, White Chelsea Boots and Socks





Other Details:

Can the splash be like this one

-I’d like my character to have the text over her mouth like in the pic please



Hi, do you guys make script templates? :thinking:



We don’t, but tell what u need mby someone has it

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I need a spot template (just background characters) for the background INT. JUVIE PHILLY LIBRARY - DAY.

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What I have, exactly with this bg is this :DDD Dunno if it’s helpful.


@SILVIA spot 1.009 193 92 and SILVIA starts rear and SILVIA faces right and MIKE spot 0.635 69 297 and MIKE faces right and MIKE starts idle_sit_anklescrossed_neutral_loop and ANN spot 0.604 139 293 and ANN faces right and ANN starts idle_sit_anklescrossed_neutral_loop and JOY spot 0.616 231 304 and JOY faces left and JOY starts idle_sit_armcrossed_unimpressed_loop and PETER spot 0.616 324 294 and PETER faces left and PETER starts idle_sit_leanforward_listen_impressed_loop and DARRYL spot 0.616 409 307 and DARRYL faces left and DARRYL starts idle_handsonhips_neutral_loop
@ANN moves to layer 1 and MIKE moves to layer 2 and SILVIA moves to layer 10

Without Silvia character.



Will it work in INK?



This will. I added more characters and put ink animations


@AC1 spot 0.587 85 262 and AC1 faces right and AC1 starts idle_sit_ankles_crossed and AGENT spot 0.592 129 311 and AGENT faces right and AGENT starts talk_sit and BUT1 spot 0.568 220 288 and BUT1 faces left and BUT1 starts idle_sit_slouch and ALAN spot 0.556 335 315 and ALAN faces left and ALAN starts talk_sit_reassure and AB2 spot 0.616 429 308 and AB2 faces left and AB2 starts idle_exhausted and @AB3 spot 1.020 589 133 and AB3 faces left and AB3 starts talk_sit_neutral_arms_crossed_loop and AB3 moves to layer 10 and AB5 spot 1.020 495 132 and AB6 faces right and AB5 starts listen and AB5 moves to layer 11 and AGENT moves to layer 3 and AC1 moves to layer 4 and AB7 spot 0.507 648 343 and AB7 starts idle_read_book and AB7 faces left and AB7 moves to layer 1 and AB8 spot 0.284 410 425 and AB8 faces right and AB8 starts idle_read_book and AB8 moves to layer 2

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I would like a cover in ink please

Title: Mi Valentía
Author name: Honey & Hannah
Story description:
When Honey meets Thorn, her life finally goes the right way. What will happen when an ex want revenge?
Background: picture or description;

Characters: full description (screenshot is optinal)
skintone; Tan
Eyebrow; Defined natural
face shape; Soft heart
Hair / color; Fishtail braid - chestnut brown
eyes; Upturned luxe - blue
mouth; Blossom lips - scarlet
nose; Soft Natural
pearl bracelet
pink delia delight heels
pastel romper


skintone; caramel
Eyebrow; thin arch
face shape; Chiseled Square
Hair / color; Short Cropped Hair - chestnut brown
eyes; Classic Round - green
mouth; Small Round- Taupe
nose; Button

Blue classic jacket
tank top navy
large stitch jeans white
stitch boots navy


skintone; tan
Eyebrow; thin arch
face shape; Chiseled Square
Hair / color; Male Subtle Faux Hawk - white
eyes; Sloping Innocent - hickory
mouth; Small Round- Taupe
nose; Button
ripped punk jeans
stitch boots black
black plain suit shirt and tie

Extra details:

If its possible;
HONEY + THORN on the left flirty / love / romance
KEON on the right / back looking angry?

thank you so much



Background description:

I would like a background of a list.

To -Do- List.

  1. Go to the Bakery.

  2. Stop by the Blacksmith Workshop.

  3. Get a book for Charlotte at the Library.

Colors: Black.

Any other important information: I would like empty check boxes to be on the background.

Font: Gothic




Thank you!

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Is this alright?




Is this okay?




Could I get this drawn if possible, or a really good edit?
I would like the background to be the outside of a coffee shop.
Character details:
(#1 Remi)
Body: Copper 1
Brow: Arched Natural Scar | Brow Color: Chestnut Brown
Hair: Long Double Dutch Braids | Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Round Downturned Wide | Eye color: Green Emerald
Face: Diamond
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full Heart Pouty | Lip color: Beige Rose
(#2 LG)
Body: Copper 01
Brow: Arched Natural | Brow Color: Copper Red
Hair: Long Straught Loose Solid | Hair Color: Copper Red
Eyes: Deepset Downturned | Eye Color: Blue Deep
Face: Heart Defined
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Medium Heart Natural | Lip Color: Beige Rose
I would like Remi ran into LG knocking her coffe all over her. LG looks discussed, LG has her fists clenched. and Remi has an eyebrow raised with question. With her arms crossed. Like who is this girl. xD
When you need it:
Whenever, take your time. :slight_smile:
Outfit details:
(#1 Remi)
Belted Jeans Denim Grey Black
Tank Top Cotton Yellow Cream
Fringed Patterned Scarf Cotton Grey Black
Freckles Heavy (00-03)
Flat Lace Up Sneakers Canvas Grey Cool Grey
Floral Tattoo Ink Multicolor
(#2 LG)
(PP) Oversize Outfit Shorts Denim Light Blue
Flat Lace Up Sneakers Canvas Pastel Rainbow
Pennys Coffe T Shirt Cotton Teal Blue
Tied Flannel Jacket Flannel Green